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Upcoming Events


Please call 757.648.4761 for an appointment
Registration hours 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. M-F


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In the News

Dress Code Reminders

  • For boys
    • Tank tops are not permitted unless worn over a shirt with sleeves.
    • Sleeveless shirts must cover the entire shoulder.
    • Pants/shorts must be worn at the waist.
    • Hats are not allowed. 
    • Clothing that advertises illegal substances/alcohol/weapons/offensive language/suggestive graphics/gangs/etc. is not allowed.
  • For girls
    • Tops must cover the entire shoulder (no spaghetti straps, narrow tanks, halter tops, strapless shirts).
    • Tops may not expose the checks or the back below the shoulder blades (no backless shirts or dresses).
    • The midriff may not be exposed (even when arms are raised).
    • See-through (such as lace shirts or tights) and fishnet items are not permitted.
    • Shorts must have a 4 inch inseam  (this includes rompers and athletic shorts).
    • Undergarments may not be exposed at any time.
    • Skirts must be finger-tip length.
    • Leggings are allowed if a long shirt/dress is worn over the leggings (finger-tip length).
    • Pants/jeans may not have rips/holes above fingertip length unless leggings are worn underneath the pants/jeans.
    • Girls often wear sweaters/sweatshirts/jackets over inappropriate clothing, and then remove those items when they are in warm rooms.  This is not acceptable.  Clothing worn under items like this must also meet dress code.

Fall Extracurricular Tryouts

Click HERE for information about Fall Tryouts.

Lancer Launch 2016-17

Lancer Launch will take place at Landstown Middle School on Friday, August 26 from 9am-4pm.

2106 Lancer Launch Bus Routes:
Bus 338
Bus 353
Bus 387
Bus 510
Bus 582

Surf Camp

Interested in learning how to surf? Click HERE

LMC Legacy Bricks

Make your name a permanent fixture at Landstown Middle School by purchasing your legacy brick now so it can be included in our spring installment. Click HERE for more information.

BYOD Donation Initiative

Do you have an old smart phone or tablet lying around your house gathering dust? We would love to help you clear the clutter!
Students at LMS are allowed to bring their own device to school—we call it BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Teachers are developing new and exciting lessons incorporating student devices, but many of our students either do not own or are not allowed to bring devices to school. Additionally, while we have many technology resources, we do not have enough to provide a 1:1 environment in every classroom.
Part of our answer to the ever-growing technological needs of our classes is your old devices! An old smartphone or tablet, though disabled for calling and texting, is still a viable option as a web browser or support for other educational applications.
If you have recently upgraded your phone or tablet and are willing to donate your older devices to Landstown Middle School for our student use, please consider bringing them to our front desk attendant.
We ask that you take a few simple steps to ensure the devices are cleared to use by our students:
1. Clear the phone of apps and usage history.
2. Remove any password protections.
3. Reset the phone to its factory settings.
4. Bag the phone and its charger (if you have it) in a clear plastic zipper bag.
5. Turn the phone in at the front desk or main office.
Our students and teachers will appreciate and find good use for those devices! Thank you in advance for your donation to our BYOD cause.

Lancer Newsletter

For a view at the 4th Quarter Lancer Newsletter, click HERE

Dates & Events






A Look at Assessment

To accurately measure student mastery of core knowledge and demonstration of 21st century skills, Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) uses a variety of assessments including, but not limited to, performance tasks, multiple-choice tests and essays. Many of the assessments students take are required by the state and federal departments of education to measure student progress toward performance benchmarks. Local assessments (locally- and externally-developed) are used to monitor student progress, differentiate instruction, identify students for participation in specific programs and measure students' mastery of 21st century skills.

To help parents better understand the various tests students take, their purpose and why they are important, the school division has developed this informational brochure.

CLICK HERE for the "A Look at Assessment" brochure > > >

PTSA Membership

  • Membership is $6. Quarterly Student Member's only activities will be included in all student memberships.
  • Thank you to all the parents and students that have already become members of our PTSA. We have many awesome activities planned this year and it is not too late to join. Please complete a membership form, staple your money to the form, and send it with your child to turn in during home room (or you can mail it directly to the school).
  • CLICK HERE for PTSA membership letter



Upcoming Events for 2015-2016 School Year

Sept 6 - 1st Day of School!
Sept 22 - 7th & 8th Grade Open House
Oct 10 - Staff Day - School Closed for Students
Oct 11 - Progress Reports Issued
Oct 24 - Staff Day - School Closed for Students
Nov 8 - Staff Day - School Closed for Students
Nov 9 - Begin 2nd Marking Period
Nov 11 - Veteran's Day - School Closed
Nov 15 - Report Cards Issued
Nov 23 - Adjusted Dismissal 1:20
Nov 24 & 25 - Thanksgiving Holiday - School Closed
Dec 15 - Progress Reports Issued
Dec 22 - Adjusted Dismissal 1:20
Dec 23-Jan 2 - Winter Break - School Closed
Jan 16 - Martin Luther King Jr Day - School Closed
Jan 30 - Staff Day - School Closed for Students
Jan 31 - Begin 3rd Grading Period
Feb 6 - Report Cards Issued
Feb 20 - President's Day - School Closed
Mar 8 - Staff Day - School Closed for Students
Apr 7 - Adjusted Dismissal 1:20
Apr 10-14 - Spring Break - School Closed
Apr 18 - Report Cards Issued
May 18 - Progress Reports Issued
May 29 - Memorial Day - School Closed
Jun 16 - Last Day for Students - Adjust Dismissal 1:20
Jun 23 - Report Cards Mailed



Legacy Bricks
Be part of the history that is being made at Landstown Middle School and purchase your legacy brick now so it can be included in our spring installment. 
Click HERE to learn more and for ordering information.

Cell Phones & Printer Cartridges. 
Please collect, and bring any used printer toner and ink cartridges to school. We earn points and can purchase new equipment with the credit.  Please turn these items in to Computer Lab 2.

Together in Education Program
Harris Teeter's "Together in Education" program is a fund raising program for schools. When customers purchase select Harris Teeter Brand products using their VIC card, Harris Teeter contributes a percentage of those purchase dollars to the schools of their choice.

Landstown Middle's code is 6369. Please link your VIC card to Landstown Middle School's code. Please note that your VIC card must be linked each school year for the upcoming year's purchases of HT branded products. You can ask a cashier to link your card, or link it via the store website.

Farm Fresh 123-4 The Community.  Shop at Farm Fresh Supermarkets from September 8, 2015 ‐ May 31, 2016, and scan your barcoded key tag to help LMS earn points for free educational equipment. No more receipts to collect! Just scan your key tag.
Boxtops for Education.  Please collect Box Tops for Education labels, clip them and send them to school. Place them in the collection box next to the front security desk at the school's main entrance. Ask your family, friends and neighbors to clip and save also. Each Box Top is worth a dime and payments are mailed directly to the school twice per year.
A collection form is available for your convenience at

Campbells Labels for Education.  Please collect UPCs and beverage/sauce caps from participating Campbell's products. Clip, save and send to school and place them in the red Campbell's box next to the front security desk at the school's main entrance.

Please bundle your Campbell's Labels in groups of 10 or 50 using sealable bags or envelopes;
or tape or glue Labels on these collection sheets.
CLICK HERE for the 1 point Labels for Education collection sheet > >
CLICK HERE for the 5 point Labels for Education collection sheet > >
CLICK HERE for the 10 point Labels for Education collection sheet > >

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