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Landstown Middle School Contact Information

Landstown Middle School
2204 Recreation Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
FAX 757.430.3247
Guidance FAX: 757.430.8893

Principal: John Parkman

Guidance Director: Todd Fritz

School Activities Coordinator: Colleen Clukey

School Nurse: Cynthia Runaldue, RN

Landstown Middle School Faculty and Staff


  Name Assignment Link to Website
A Adams, A. Chorus Website
  Anthony, C. English 6 Website
  Arbuckle, R. Civics Website
B Bailey, J. Orchestra Website
  Bailey, S. Algebra Website
  Barakey, M. Math 6 Website
  Barnes, A. Guidance Secretary  
  Beach, J. Special Education Website
  Beck, T. Health & P.E. Website
  Benson, T. English 8 & Civics Website
  Berry, K. English 6  
  Bostian, A. Health & P.E. Website
  Bowser, T. Grade 8 Asst. Principal  
* Boyd, T. Special Education Assistant  
  Bridgeman, C. Bookkeeper  
  Bridgeman, A. Special Education Website
  Brown, J. Office Manager  
  Brown, Y. I.S.S. Coordinator  
  Byng, R. Technology Ed. Website
C Capozzi, A. Library Media Assistant  
  Circelli, M. Security  
  Clukey, C. Student Activities Coordinator  
  Colletti-Schwartz, D. Computer Solutions Website
  Conover, M. Grade 6 Asst. Principal  
  Cox D. Special Education Website
  Craig, R. Algebra & Adv. Math 7 Website
  Crews, C Technology Support Technician  
  Crothers, M. Custodian  
  Crowe. S. Special Education Asst.  
D Dail, D. Health & P.E. Website
  De'Braux, D. English 8 Website
  Dibert, A. Science 8  
  Dildy, J. Custodian  
  Dizon, E. Custodian  
  Dudley, A Attendance Secretary  
E Eichorst, J German Website
  Elliott, C. Security Assistant  
  Elliott, L. Head Custodian  
  Erwin, J. AVID Website
  Evans, K. Speech  
F Fagan, M. Permanent Substitute  
  Foard, M. School Counselor  
  Foster, K. Science 8 Website
  Foster, L. English 7 Website
  Franzese, J. English as a Second Lang.  
  Frederick, J. Science 7  
  Fritz, T. Guidance Director  
G Gulliford, K Band Website
  Grant, K. Student Support Specialist  
  Gruden, J. Social Studies 7 Website
H Hailey, V. Reading Specialist Website
  Hall, R. French & Spanish Website
  Hamilton, I. Science 6  
  Hardin, L. Instructional Tech Specialist Website
  Harrell, J. Library Media Specialist Website
  Herdel, S. School Improvement Specialist Website
  Hermann, S. English 6 Website
  Hicks, L. Social Studies 6  
  Hinton, S. Data Technician  
  Hofacker, G. Science 7 Website
  Hoke, M. Special Education Website
I Ingraham, C. Health & P.E. Website
J Jackson, A. Science 6 Website
  Jones, Judy Special Education Assistant  
  Joyner, E. Health & P.E. Website
K Keegan, D. Special Education Website
  Keegan, J. Special Education  
  Kelley, V. Social Studies 6 Website
  Kinley, R. Math 6 Website
  Kolhagen, H. Social Studies 6  
L Lacaze, R. Special Education Assistant  
  Lafferty, S. English 7 Website
  Lammay, J. English 6 Website
  Landaeta, F. Spanish Website
  Lauzon, J. Art Website
  Lawheed, D. Clinic Assistant  
  Lawson, K. Library Media Specialist Website
  Leonard, F. Security Assistant  
  Lillefloren, S. Special Education Website
M Macaluso, J. Visual Impairment Specialist  
  Maliniak, V. English 8 Website
  Marchione, S. Grade 7 Asst. Principal Website
  Mayo, K. Math 6 Website
  McCraw, J. Special Education Website
  McFarland, K. Algebra & Geometry Website
  McGuire, J. Civics Website
  McNeil, J. Special Education  
N Nagel, A. Science 7  
  Neaves, D. Custodian  
  Neff, A. School Counselor  
  Newby, S. Teen Living Website
  Nuzzo, M. Spanish Website
O Ocampo, R. Math 8  
  Odle, J. English 7 Website
  O'Malley, R. Social Studies 7 Website
  Ogden, M. English as a Second Language Website
  Olberding, R. Special Education Website
  Olsen, M. Science 6 Website
  Orzell, L. Math 7  
P Palm, L.
Science 6 Website
  Palmer, A. Custodian  
  Parkman, J. Principal  
  Parsons, B Instructional Tech. Specialist  
  Pettaway, V. Distance Learning Asst.  
  Polat, H. Math 7  
  Preville, T. Civics (Spanish Immersion) Website
  Purchas, B. English 8  
R Rice, L. Special Education Website
  Riggs, H. Special Education Assistant  
  Rimer, K. Health & P.E. Website
  Ritchie, S. Special Education  
  Rountree, B. Algebra, Math 8, & Adv. 7 Math Website
  Runaldue, C Nurse  
  Russell, K. Social Studies 6 Website
  Rywalt, D. Teacher Assistant  
S Schroepfer, C. School Counselor  
  Shoffstall, M. Health & PE Website
  Simonetti, S Social Studies 7 Website
  Skiff, A. Math 7  
  Smith, K. Custodian  
  Snyder, K. Science 8 & Earth Science Website
  Sonnachio, J. Special Education Assistant  
  Stephens, C. Cafeteria Manager  
  Steverson, M. Custodian  
  Strouss, A. Special Education Website
  Stubbe, J. Literacy Coach Website
T Tarkenton, D. Gifted Resource Specialist Website
  Tonnesen, J. Physical & Earth Science Website
  Tunstill, L. Discipline Secretary  
V Vaughan, S. Custodian  
W Wade, S. Science 7  
  Watts, R. Teen Living Website
  West, R. English 6 Website
  White, R. Spanish Imersion SS  
  Whitt, E. School Counselor  
  Williams, L. Special Education Assistant
  Willis, C Special Education  
  Wilson, A. Math 6 Website
  Wilson, E. Student Activities Coord.  
  Wilson, J. English 7 Website
  Womack, D. Special Education Website