Mathematics 7

Mathematics 7

SMART Response VE
Math On-line Test - Great online self-scoring test of math skills
Glencoe Mathematics 7 online practice quizzes - by chapter and section
Glencoe Mathematics 7 online practice quizzes - by SOL
First in Math
NY State Regents Test - Algebra - Algebra Lessons & practice
NY State Regents Test - Geometry - Geometry Lessons & practice

1. Math 7 Statistics

Statistics - Stem and Leaf & drops of water on a penny
PBS Mathline- Students construct box and whisker plots and compare data sets
NCTM Principles and Standards - Electronic Examples -Interactive software -students and contrast properties of measures of central tendency

2. Decimals

AAA Math - Lesson on decimals

3. Integers and Introduction to Algebra

Math Goodies - Lesson on Integers - Interactive lesson on integers, basic operations, and properties

4. Number Theory

Education for Kids - tables, practice of basic math facts & magic squares
PBS NOVA - Interactive site show proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

5. Rational Numbers

Fractions and Pattern Blocks
PBS - Connection between musical notation & fractions

6. Ratio, Proportion, and Percent

Dr. M. Mankus - Visualizing Fractions to Decimals to Percents Using Web-based Manipulatives
Math League - Lesson on percent, interest, percent of increase/decrease, and discount

7. Geometry

Quia - Introduction to basic angles
Math Forum - Activity for polyhedra nets
NCTM Principles & Standards Electronic Examples - Interactive site - transformations

8. Measurement of Geometric Figures

Math Forum - Lesson on area of shapes

9. Probability

Math Central - Numerous activities on probability

10. Patterns and Functions

Cynthia Lanius - Rent-a-Car Activity, relate table and graph

11. Graphing in the Coordinate Plane

Fun Brain- Plot points on a coordinate plane

12. Miscellaneous Mathematics

Math Spoken Here- Dictionary of math terms
Harcourt Brace Animated Math Glossary - this site has definitions and visuals of math vocabulary