Mathematics 8

Mathematics 8

First in Math
Interactives - Geometry 3D
Math On-line Test - Great online self-scoring test of math skills
NY State Regents Test - Algebra - Algebra Lessons & practice
NY State Regents Test - Geometry - Geometry Lessons & practice
SMART Response VE
CAT Practice Test #1-25
CAT Practice Test #26-50

1. Math 8 Proportion & Percent

AAA Math - this site has math lessons (K-8) which feature interactive practice, games and an explanation
Math League - Lesson on percent, interest, percent of increase/decrease, and discount

2. Math 8 Statistics

BBC Schools - Interactive site - Students produce a frequency table and match it to a chart or graph
NCTM Principles and Standards, Electronic Examples - Interactive software - students compare and contrast properties of measures of central tendency
PBS Mathline - lesson plan for students to construct box and whisker plots and compare data sets (requires Acrobat Reader)

3. Math 8 Probability

Math Goodies - Site has great explanations and quizzes
Shodor - Interactive site

4. Math 8 Integers & Expressions - Interactive lessons - integers, basic operations, and properties

5. Math 8 Equations & Inequalities

Utah State University - Interactive site, click on Alg(9-12) - Multi-step equations using algebraic pan scales
A Plus Math - Non Java Flashcards - game room, homework helper, flashcards, advanced problems; easy to use; practice with integers and basic operations

6. Math 8 Pythagorian Theorem

Math is Fun Pythagorean Theorem
PBS NOVA - Interactive site shows proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

7. Math 8 Geometry

Lacoe - Geometry test covering angles, perspective cubes, nets, etc. (requires Acrobat Reader)

8. Math 8 Area & Volume

Math Forum - area - Lesson on area of shapes
NCES - Create a graph - bar, line or pie graph
Glencoe - coordinate plane Questions about the coordinate plane
Explore Math - Interactive site - Plot points in the coordinate plane

9. Math 8 Miscellaneous

Math Spoken Here - Dictionary of math terms
Math Forum - Ask Dr Math - a question and answer service for students. Archive is set up by level and topic
Discovery School - Kathy Schrock - This site offers math word problems and homework help from Webmath
Pizza Game - Learn about fractions while "ordering" pizzas

10. Math 8 Tests

Jefferson Lab - Practice tests in math 8, Algebra, Geometry, Science, & Earth Science
Virginia Department of Education - released test questions
NY State Regents Test - Algebra - Algebra lessons & practice
NY State Regents Test - Geometry - Geometry lessons & practice