Science 6

SOL Pass - Lots of activities in support of Virginia SOLs
Jefferson Lab - Science Education Resources
Periodic Table of Elements - This is the Virginia State Table used for SOLS
SOL Practice Items and Guides - Provides practice with TEI (Technology Enhanced Items)
Albemarle Watershed - Virginia Beach's watershed.
Alien Juice Bar Game
Amusement Park Physics - Design a Roller Coaster
Balancing Chemical Equations 1 - JLab element balancing
Balancing Chemical Equations - ChemBalancer - Great for first time learners of balancing chemical equations
Balancing Chemical Equations - Review Balancer - Great extension of ChemBalancer with additional problems
Balancing Chemical Equations - Brain Boggle ChemBalancer - Enrichment version of ChemBalancer
Bayville BayQuest - Tour the Bay!
Big Green Help
Brain Pop
Chem 4 Kids - Matter, atoms, elements, reactions, and biochemistry
Chemical Balancer - from Fun Based Learning
Chemical Bonding - "To Bond, or Not To Bond"
Clean Air Kids
Clean Water Program - Oceanside, CA
Density Interactive Lab
Density on the Internet
Earth Science - "Space Science, Map Reading, Plate Tectonics, Minerals Rocks, Earth Resources, & Water Science"
Earth, Sun, Moon - Energy Information, facts, games, history, etc.
EIA Energy Kids Page - Energy Information, facts, games, history, etc.
Electricity - Free Games and Activities.
Electricity Games - Science Zone - Electricity Teaching Resources
Energy Budget JLab
Energy Education Resources: K-12 - published by the National Energy Information Center (NEIC), a service of the Energy Information Administration (EIA), to provide students, educators, and other information users a list of generally available free or low-cost energy-related educational materials.
Energy Hog - "Learn how to improve the energy efficiency of your home"
Energy Quest - Sponsored by the California Energy Commission
Energy Quest Nuclear Energy Lab - Nuclear Energy Fission and Fussion Lab
Energy Resources
Energy: Force and Motion: Basics Simulator - PhET Interactive Simulations
Energy: Skate Park Simulator - PhET Interactive Simulations
Energy: Work, Energy & Power Simulators - PhET Interactive Simulations
Engineering Interact - Interactive Science and Engineering
EPA Kids
Heat Energy Transfers #1 - ET Game
Heat Energy Transfers #2 - Heat Transfer
Heat Energy Transfers #3 - Heat Transfer Micro Module
Interactive Solar System - from Wired Science
Interactive Weather Maker - Scholastic
Kids Ed Websites
Moon Phases
NASA - The Space Place
NASA Space Games
Newton's Three Laws of Motion
Nuclear and Other Forms of Alternative Energy
Pearson Success
Periodic Table - Jefferson Lab. Includes new elements as of 2013
Phases of the Moon
Planet Earth - The Solar System on Sea and Sky
Roller Coaster Designer
Science Online
Space Gamequarium
Storm Pulse - Great for tracking storms and weather conditions
Succeed in Physical Science
Surf Your Watershed - published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Triple Beam TouchSpin
Triple Beam Tutorial
Young Meteorologist Program - "Severe Weather Preparedness Adventure"
Water Conservation for Kids
Watersheds - Weather and the Watersheds - Tampa Bay's Water for Life Site
Watershed Activity - Water Resources Activity
"Weather Dude"
Weather Wiz Kids
Wetlands Fact Sheets
Wild Weather Game - NASA

Measurement Units

Task 1: History of Metrics
Task 2: Volume
Task 3: Temperature
Task 4: Area
Task 5: Density
Task 6: Mass & Weight>

"Think Dots" Activities

Circuit Builder
Electricity Spy
Energy Biographies
Fusebox House
Fusebox Vocabulary
How We Use Energy
Learning Circuit - Green
Test Your Energy Slang
Wind Energy Virtual Lab