Science 8

Science 8

SOL Pass - Lots of activities in support of Virginia SOLs
Chem 4 Kids - Matter, atoms, elements, reactions, and biochemistry
Electron Configuration Table - How to Read an Electron Configuration Table. Jefferson Lab
Jefferson Lab Tests - A variety of science, math, and technology practice tests
LabWrite - Great site with information on all aspects of Lab Reports
Periodic Table of Elements - This is the Virginia State Table used for SOLS
SOL Practice Items and Guides - Provides practice with TEI (Technology Enhanced Items)
Albemarle Watershed - Virginia Beach's watershed.
Alien Juice Bar Game
Amusement Park Physics - Design a Roller Coaster
Balancing Chemical Equations 1 - JLab element balancing
Balancing Chemical Equations - ChemBalancer - Great for first time learners of balancing chemical equations
Balancing Chemical Equations - Review Balancer - Great extension of ChemBalancer with additional problems
Balancing Chemical Equations - Brain Boggle ChemBalancer - Enrichment version of ChemBalancer
Bayville BayQuest - Tour the Bay!
Big Green Help
Brain Pop
Chem 4 Kids - Matter, atoms, elements, reactions, and biochemistry
Chemical Balancer - from Fun Based Learning
Chemical Bonding - "To Bond, or Not To Bond"
Clean Air Kids
Clean Water Program - Oceanside, CA
Density Interactive Lab
Density on the Internet
Earth Science - "Space Science, Map Reading, Plate Tectonics, Minerals Rocks, Earth Resources, & Water Science"
Earth, Sun, Moon - Energy Information, facts, games, history, etc.
EIA Energy Kids Page - Energy Information, facts, games, history, etc.
Electricity - Free Games and Activities.
Electricity Games - Science Zone - Electricity Teaching Resources
Energy Education Resources: K-12 - published by the National Energy Information Center (NEIC), a service of the Energy Information Administration (EIA), to provide students, educators, and other information users a list of generally available free or low-cost energy-related educational materials.
Energy Hog - "Learn how to improve the energy efficiency of your home"
Energy Quest - Sponsored by the California Energy Commission
Energy Quest Nuclear Energy Lab - Nuclear Energy Fission and Fussion Lab
Energy Resources
Energy: Force and Motion: Basics Simulator - PhET Interactive Simulations
Energy: Skate Park Simulator - PhET Interactive Simulations
Energy: Work, Energy & Power Simulators - PhET Interactive Simulations
Engineering Interact - Interactive Science and Engineering
EPA Kids
Heat Energy Transfers #1 - ET Game
Heat Energy Transfers #2 - Heat Transfer
Heat Energy Transfers #3 - Heat Transfer Micro Module
Interactive Solar System - from Wired Science
Interactive Weather Maker - Scholastic
Kids Ed Websites
Moon Phases
NASA - The Space Place
NASA Space Games
Newton's Three Laws of Motion
Nuclear and Other Forms of Alternative Energy
Pearson Success
Periodic Table - Jefferson Lab. Includes new elements as of 2013
Phases of the Moon
Planet Earth - The Solar System on Sea and Sky
Roller Coaster Designer
Science Online
Space Gamequarium
Storm Pulse - Great for tracking storms and weather conditions
Succeed in Physical Science
Surf Your Watershed - published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Triple Beam TouchSpin
Triple Beam Tutorial
Young Meteorologist Program - "Severe Weather Preparedness Adventure"
Water Conservation for Kids
Watersheds - Weather and the Watersheds - Tampa Bay's Water for Life Site
Watershed Activity - Water Resources Activity
"Weather Dude"
Weather Wiz Kids
Wetlands Fact Sheets
Wild Weather Game - NASA

Measurement Units

Task 1: History of Metrics
Task 2: Volume
Task 3: Temperature
Task 4: Area
Task 5: Density
Task 6: Mass & Weight>

"Think Dots" Activities

Andy the Blob
Circuit Builder
Circuit Design
Electrical Safety
Electricity Advancements
Electricity Book
Electricity Spy
Energy Biographies
Energy Efficiency
Energy Hog Rules
Fusebox House
Fusebox Vocabulary
How We Use Energy
Learning Circuit - Blue
Learning Circuit - Green
Power Up
Test Your Energy Slang
Theater of Electricity