Social Studies 6

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SOL Pass - Lots of activities in support of Virginia SOLs
American Revolution Newspaper Project
Authentic History
Bill of Rights
Center for Civic Education
Civil War Photos - Over 1,000 images of civil war era
Commonwealth of Knowledge - Virginia's Site for Educators
Core Plus - From Download Learning - "FREE educational software programs that makes it easy to learn all about history, geography, science, fine art"
C-Span Classroom - Resources for Civics and U.S. Government
DBQ Valley Forge - Valley Forge: Would You Have Quit?
Documents of American History - Declaration of Independence, Virginia and U.S. Constitutions, Virginia Charters, Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom
Education Place - Contains printable maps by Houghton Mifflin
European Exploration of the New World Webquest
Free SOL Stuff
Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark
Guide to Virginia Hisotrical Resources
Lewis & Clark Expedition
Library of Congress - Legislation, Congressional Record, and Status of Current Bills
Library of Congress
Loyalty or Liberty
National Constitution Center
National Council for the Social Studies
National Geographic - Provides printable maps
Pearson: America: History of Our Nation, Virginia Edition - Lots of practice SOL Quizzes
Revolutionary War WebQuest
Smithsonian Institute
Smithsonian Institute - Establishing Borders - Lesson Plans and Resources for Lesson on Expansion of US 1846-1848
U.S. Mexican War - PBS site.  Great Timelines.
Virtual American Revolution
Virginia Historical Society
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Westward Expansion WebQuest - Supports SOL 1.8
WorldNet Virginia
1995 Standards of Learning Assessment Blueprint
2001 History and Social Science Curriculum